Premium Paint

The Premium Paint finish is the best finish available. The surface of the parts is worked before painting to remove roughness and to have perfect parts. The parts are painted with any RAL + varnish (matt, satin or gloss).

Premium Paint is ideal for final visible parts where the surface finish is important.

Colours available in Premium Paint


With the Premium Paint you can choose the RAL Colour that you want + the varnish that you need for you application.

The resistent of the painting it's depend of the varnish that you choose. The glossy varnish are more resistent than the matte varnish.




Semi Gloss







How is the surface finish

With the Premium Paint finish we rework the surface of the piece to have a completely smooth surface.
The final result is a part comparable to plastic injection, with a roughness of less than 0.1 μm.

How do we do it

To attain the high quality of our Premium Paint Finishing, we go through the following processes:

  • First we apply a first coating of sandable primer on the parts.
  • After that we sand the primer with our automated system to achieve a surface that will make a mirror finish possible.
  • We then coat parts with automotive grade liquid paint of the desired color.
  • Finally we apply the clear coat to achieve superb finishing, maximum resistance and UV protection.

Areas where the finish is applied





With the Premium Paint finish we have to rework the visible surfaces to make them completely smooth. Being a mechanical process where a tool has to be in contact with the surface, there are certain areas such as holes, interior cavities, engraved details, faces with closed angles, etc. where we cannot reach.

(The image above shows in yellow the areas to be Sanded on this sample piece.)


Painting and Varnishing

Once the color is applied, almost 100% of the piece is painted. As it is a paint and varnish finish we have to hold the piece in all processes, that is why at the end there will be a small unpainted circle inside the piece.
In addition, the holes that are very deep and of small diameter, will not be completely painted.

(The image above shows in blue the areas to be Painting and Varnishing on this sample piece.)